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"Importance of Sports & Games in School"

The importance of sports and games in school encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. Increases in self-esteem and mental alertness make school sports and games necessary for every school age child. Although the benefits of school sports abound, with a diminishing economy, many schools are.... Read More.

"What's to Gain with a Longer School Day"

It’s no secret that American schools are in trouble. Forget foreign languages, physics and art; many struggle just to teach kids the three R’s. In a bid to get students up to speed on standardized exams, many schools have cut P.E. and recess. 50% of kids do no after-school activities at all, leaving them bored and often unsupervised when the bell rings at 2:30. But all of these problems .... Read More.

"Education System of India: Its Functions, Drawbacks and Its Contribution"

Why is India still a developing country and what is stopping it from being a developed country? This particular question strikes me every time when I read something about India’s education system. I see India’s education system as a stumbling block towards.... Read More.

"Online learning is "the blackboard of the future""

Children in nurseries will soon be learning through Moocs (Massive Open Online Courses) as the internet revolution changes the face of learning, according to the man who first pioneered their use in higher education. Today's two- and three-year-olds have been born with.... Read More.

"Should Struggling Students Repeat a Grade"

At first glance, grade retention may look like old-fashioned common sense: Fail the year? Just do it over! In fact, with new emphasis on hard-nosed standards, the tactic is on the rise around the country. Old-fashioned, yes, says the.... Read More.

"Schemes for Elimination of Gender and Social Gaps in School Enrolment and Retention"

To promote education among minorities, the Ministry of Human Resource Development has taken significant initiatives. The major ones are Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), Scheme of financial assistance for ‘Infrastructure Development for Private Aided/Unaided Minority Institutes’ (IDMI) Scheme for Providing Quality Education.... Read More.

"Authentic Learning for Elementary Students through e-Learning"

Introduction Creationof the World Wide Web and the advent of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) has brought a new range of tools and resources into Elementary Education in the form of e-Learning. In order for a teacher to successfully create authentic learning opportunities by.... Read More.

"Foreign Universities Institutions in India"

The Foreign Educational Institutions (Regulation of Entry and Operations) Bill, 2010 permits reputed Foreign Educational Institutions (FEI), which have been offering educational services for at least 20 years in the country of origin and are accredited in the home country, to apply to be notified as.... Read More.

"Model School Scheme"

he Model School scheme was launched in November 2008 in pursuance to the announcement of the Prime Minister in his Independence Day speech of 2007. The scheme aims to provide quality education to talented rural children through setting up of 6,000 model schools as benchmark of excellence at.... Read More.

"Uses Of Computers In Education"

The science and technology has been changing our life ever since its inception. Especially the greatest invention of human mind that most of the times defeats the human mind itself, i.e. the computer has brought out several jaw dropping changes to our society. Its contribution towards education sector has been truly marvelous. Computers have taken the education systems.... Read More.