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Breaking Up with Phone for Peace

The constant urge of picking phone every second moment to check notifications, if any, not only disturbs time management goals but distracts from work as well. Once you are determined that you need to quit social media or get over these habits and never be distracted again then no hurdle will be enough to stop you.

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This Final, Watch It with Your Kids

Athleticism is a bundle of all the good qualities that every parent wants to reflect into lives of their loved ones. Sports are all good but only in its fairness. Trying to building career or achieve something in life by cheat is like attempting to build a building over swampy land.

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Be Grateful: Each Thank You is Powerful

The eight work hours that get us down with fatigue actually represent long and mass movement of workers all around world against paralyzing work culture of past world order of 19th & 20th century and before, where workers & laborers were more like slaves & less human as per their feudal masters.

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In Search of Safe Places for Kids

Attacks such as child or gender based abuse do not happen in isolation but have roots in cruelty based on ‘Good Touch Bad Touch’ crisis faced by children from their tender ages. Parents need to figure out some friendly and innovative way to teach their kids about Good and Bad touch.

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This Doctor’s Day, Say ‘Thank you doctor’

Government of India adopted first July as Doctor’s Day to commemorate birth and death anniversary of renowned physician Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy (Dr. B. C. Roy, 1882-1962). Beyond his excellence in medical field, Dr. Roy shined as academician, freedom fighter and political leader.

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