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Parenting: Aggressive or rewarding?

Rewarding yet challenging, parenting is a lifelong commitment every new parent makes. Priceless in every way, parenting demands raising the child in a safe and congenial environment where values are inculcated and wisdom instilled.

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Falling down is your first step to success!

Failure is essential for growth. We all fall, but how we deal with failures and rise again determines success. So, you must hold your mistakes close to your heart and learn a lesson from those. But, don’t let turbulence stop you from moving ahead and taking the road to your dreams.

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Dream Bigger, Know Better

Dreams form an important part of our personality. We dream about what we think, what we absorb from our environment. Though dreams are pivotal, if monitored they can be controlled by our own will as well.

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School search made easy!

These knowledge-sharing platforms keep us abreast about the latest trends in education and technology and provide us essential information to communicate and stay connected with educators and students from across the nation.

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Importance of positive student- teacher equation

A positive and growth-oriented student- teacher relationship is very important for students of all age groups. It draws students into the process of learning and promotes their curiosity to observe and enquire. This in turn impacts the overall growth and development of the child transforming the child into an informative, opinionated and aware individual with a strong perspective

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