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Educating Gender Just Ways to Boys

New generation boys, educated not just literate, learned to behave and sensitised to behaviour of opposite sex will go a long way in establishing a society with gender just norms. Literacy numbers don't say whole tale about progress made on girl education front.

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To Walk Safe, Crush the Fake

If illegitimate news takes over actual news, a case of "fake news", how abnormal our world would be in near future? It is important for us to be a fact checker and not just rely on what displays on mobile screen.

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Mahatma, Who Loved Everyone

For a country like India with its own unique web of problems, its citizens need a constant source of inspiration to move forward from ‘dreaming India’ to ‘India of dreams'. Martyrs continue to serve the purpose to inspire generations but we don’t need more martyrs, in fact it’d be a greatest tribute to our martyrs.

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'Republic' Only with Women

To uphold the promise of Constitution, time and again hurdles have come our way in one way or other. It is important for us that our young voters, particularly girls, enroll themselves in electoral rolls and play an active role along with elder women in deciding the fate of the nation as per their own beliefs and choices.

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Learn to Rock Board Exams

A study plan based on course-wise strong points and weak points will always be yielding efficient results. The learning, reading and thinking habits cultivated during exams period go on to decide the way future of society might look like— the quality of tomorrow’s academicians, doctors, engineers, lawyers and teachers and so on.

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