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Exam Leak and Aftermath

Teachers can help students in learning; a good practice session through the (leaked) exam, already attempted by students, can help a lot for the preparation of the exam.

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Personal Branding

The need is to explore your inner self, nourish it and try to be only you, because who else can play your role into your life better than you. It is only your brand you stand for, in the minds of people you are trying to reach, influence and move to action.

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Language Of Liberation

A good orator is the one who mesmerize the masses and connect to heart not just fluent at language. . Life without a language is raw; it is one of a unique expression of persons’ inner self.

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An Addiction For Good

Study of literature contributes to students forming and developing their own belief, opinion and mindset. Literature makes it far easier to touch the subjects, which are generally considered as taboos for the society.

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The Shiny Working Monday

It is, indeed, important to talk about what kind of work and workplace a person deserves, to do most, if not all, of the right things, to be a better human and to turn its dreams into realities.

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