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Raising A Kid In Natural Way

When I was a kid— changing colours of sky was a matter of excitement and friendship in 2 minutes while playing in the street was a thing . Wisdom of the day and ways of interaction have changed for sure but disconnect with real world is unhealthy for future in many ways.

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Celebrating People's Constitution

Constitutions are living documents that evolve, change over time and must be interpreted in light of moral, political and cultural nature of the age of interpretation. It gives us a purpose of our lives, a purpose of union of all diversities that make one vibrant nation.

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Talking Your Exam Strategy

Half way or more through the session, the most crucial period for exams, just three to four months away, is here. It is very important for students, especially for the ones with competition in mind, to persist with their revisions for multiple times. Believe me, persistence is the key.

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A Changemaker Voyage

To this date, India’s long inland waterways, a more cost-efficient and eco-friendly means of transportation remain hugely underutilized. After the inception of NW1 in 1986, no one saw it coming in 30 years but once India started acting on it, in 2016, we had a first major container vessel movement on the route within two years in 2018.

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Chacha and His Children

Pandit Nehru believed that the children of today will make the India of tomorrow. Realizing the importance of education for children and country, Nehru formulated the policy of free primary education and set up world class higher education institutions like IITs, IIMs and AIIMS.

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