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16 Days of Activism #OrangeTheWorld

The campaign runs through 16 days, beginning from International day for Elimination of Violence on November 25 and culminating into HumanRights day on 10 December.It is a collective responsibility to put each one’s share into an effort that challenges old patriarchal structure and break the chains of slavery, which opens up the pathways to a liberation that assumes the character of equality as well as freedom.

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Discussing The Domain of Open School Learning

There are people who are pushed to give up their education for so many reasons, for all these people open universities provide for opportunites to get back to task.

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Chidren's Day: Figuring Out Happiness for Each Child

In a sign of courtesy and respect for Pt. Nehru, our society needs to make efforts to figure out happiness for all the children. It is important for a nation that aspires to touch great heights to assure great quality education as well to all children residing in the country. Only a ubiquitous understanding that education is a basic fundamental right can take us into a direction of universal education.

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Promise Of Quality Citizens With Quality Internet And Quality Education

Kerala has outdone many more prosperous regions of country in providing basic amenities such as public health and education to common masses, in a recent decision, goverment cleared a project of providing high quality free internet to as many as 20 lakh poor families. These days welfare of people and web technology almost appear to be inseparable from each other.

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