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India for Its Teachers

When a dream for ideal society is conceived, its teachers acting to the best of its capacity is primary requisite for it to be realized. Institutions providing for educational studies need to be audited and their functioning must go through proper checks and balances to eliminate malpractices and avoid commercialization.

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The NEXT-GEN Education Setup

The concerns about health of institutions involving education have been on a rise for their overburdened work and no clear division of functions. Sweeping institutional changes have been proposed for education throughout country by allocating various functions, such as regulation, educational provisions, funding, curriculum setup and accreditation, performed by a single or two bodies earlier to a fully redrawn system powered by technology and clear division of powers.

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StudyApt: The Digital Change That Matters

StudyApt helps schools in their branding with an easy and affordable web presence, with all its advanced features and facilities, website as developed by StudyApt is a win-win deal for schools for its overall scientific perspective that might induce a flare for employing these techniques in educating students as well.

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Route to Happiness

The pace of the day (digital age) doesn’t seem to be on the side of those bleary eyed young boys and girls who aspire and dream for future as individuals but look not so happy. Swami Vivekananda once mentioned so profoundly about happiness being a matter of inner self and so little about outside happenings.

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