Classrooms that are present all across different corners of world have played an impactful role in bringing different ideas and values to ubiquitous acceptance, for they are well equipped to nurture future generations.

Throughout the human history, different thinkers have been proposing different ideas, values and approaches for living a fruitful life. When explored further, it was found that classrooms present all across different corners of world, in different forms, have played an impactful role in bringing those ideas and values to ubiquitous acceptance, for they are well equipped to nurture future generations. Learning spaces such as schools can help in social progression for they act as genuine or to be more apt legitimate sources of authority over human brains and one crucial feature is its promising nature for futuristic order in long term.


Today citizens throughout the world feel perplexed, and threatened to some extent as well, because of huge changes— changes that are cultural, economic, environmental and social. Again, it has come to classrooms to play a prompt role in adjudging the situation properly and take responsibility for a future generation that is more sensible and gracious and respectable to changes all over the places.


In Indian context, large social gaps and ever deepening inequalities make the changes more pronounced and hostile to a harmonious environment. To minimize the risks, an organised & consistent work in direction of safe future is essential. It all starts with a few classroom rules, learnings and good habits that inculcate both individual and social characteristics to tackle handsomely aforesaid menaces.


Let me draw here picture of a classroom that discern, discusses and debates about 5 powerful ideas and have personal designs to work on them, when they get into world.


1. Environment Preservation                                                                   

Society grows with environment; it learns from environment then it exploits environment and then over exploitation, which finally culminates into a frightening response from nature. Perhaps, this is the way, or more like a cycle, civilisations flourish on one end and witness destruction on the other. Today when human boasts of its excellence and advancements, the devastating cycle has to stop here and also the speculations of just 30, 50 or 100 more years for earth shall have to be mitigated for once and all. Children understanding environmental risks from a tender age will definitely pay its dividends for future, for all society need is aware and sensitive citizens more they will do itself with their ability to reason.


 2. Value of Each Drop of Water                                                                    

 Like human body, water bodies make up for a large portion of earth though a major part of it cannot be used because of saline sea water. Wastage of water has led   to many conflicting consequences in different parts of world, a concept as simple as to not to waste water can pay for extraordinary dividends. Children are most sensitive beings; simple understandings such as these will definitely reflect in tomorrow’s policy, technology and actions.


3. Gender Neutral Behaviour        

The conversations around masculinity and femininity have been going on throughout centuries, of many takeaways from the debate one thing that is crystal clear is    that no one is born discriminatory. And, it is conditioning in families and in schools and all other places that make it up for gendered power structure in society, which  exemplifies most pitiful state of human existence. A gender-just classroom can stand as an exemplary effort aimed at bringing justice to more than half of world’s  population. It is often seen in schools, when teenagers enter puberty, the bias hitherto invisible gets evident by all means.                                                                                  

5. Spread Love

In times of uncertainty and sorrow, a slice of love from privileged lot of people can give unprivileged lot of people a hope to live for another day. To start with, at the level of school children, love for “peace” can act as one for all remedy. In words of Mahatma Gandhi, “where there is love, there is life”. Classrooms shall have to understand that kindness is a virtue of highest order and this is what it will take to heal the pains all around the world. Maximum lessons of love in curriculum will definitely set the tone right for future that asks for empathy for environment, animals & other creatures and dispossessed people.