If illegitimate news takes over actual news, a case of "fake news", how abnormal our world would be in near future? It is important for us to be a fact checker and not just rely on what displays on mobile screen.

News is a much bigger part of our life than we often realise. Every human action is a result of some news, and here the meaning of the term news doesn’t restrict itself to narrow versions of print, electric or digital, instead a wholesome scheme that includes human communication as well. Whatever we do, all of our actions depend on some kind of news transmitted to our body parts by brain. Any malfunctioning of brain in this respect of transferring information leads to what we call as “abnormal behaviour” or refer to as “a mental situation”.

This society and all of us are connected to each other by virtue of information transfer or simply news, and it becomes all the more important in this age of information. If illegitimate news takes over actual news, which is unfortunately true of this post-truth world order, in form of fake news, how abnormal our world would be in near future?

Negative impacts of fake news are already visible. All they contribute to is instability with a sole aim to disrupt natural and righteous acts. But, is it a new phenomenon? Yes, for the headlines, public gaze and mainstream scrutiny though to a limited extent, and no, not at all new, for social sphere we reside in. Fake news has always played its part, as a propaganda tool for those belonging to power structure, in different time zones in different forms with completely different contexts. Powerful Emperors and rulers with vicious designs have employed this tactic throughout history to attend to their self interests. They set up special machinery to fashion falsehood narratives and spread hate, lies and rumours to target what they feel is averse to their interests.

Miscreants have made some successful and some unsuccessful attempts to dismantle markets and businesses time and again; examples such as missionaries and Nazis running propaganda against particular communities leading to worst genocides in history of world are there to watch and analyse for all. With time, the face of these fraudulent activities has changed. Earlier books, newspapers and other means were deployed for the task but digitisation helped in smoothening of the process. In a nutshell, fake news were never foreign to our place, instead it is just that information revolution has quickened pace at which it spreads.

Two things here warrant our legitimate attention— one, with increasing reach of internet, quantity of information that is being generated has grown multi folds and in effect compromising quality of information, and two, speedy process of transfer of all this mass-generated information. People with ill-will make a deliberate use of it to peddle lies and ultimately harm the life cycle. Use of doctored photos, videos and more such stuff attempt to win credibility for the false acts and constant manipulation has actually led people to achieve expertise and perfection in running this malicious propaganda called “fake news”.

Many people regard internet and digitisation as the root cause of problem, but if analysed properly, it would become clearer that internet and it being a natural platform, has actually democratised the eco-system around information. Information, no more is a monopoly of state or those at the helm of power.

In contrast to earlier situation when word of powerful people was last truth, internet has provided people with equal opportunity to counter distorted facts or fake news though the task is easier said than done for sure. However, professionals in India and other countries are tirelessly working with their technical and research teams to tackle and bust fake news, while at the same time identifying ill motives behind task.

Government authorities in telecom and digital sector have started looking at it as a major problem, for leading newspapers of country published articles that talk of deep side effects of news being distorted and circulated. There is a thin line between governments restricting freedom and regulating flow of information through web, in any case, better laws are needed to maintain sanctity of space as well as social fabric. At the same time, it is important for us to be a fact checker and not just rely on what displays on mobile screen.

Social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook have been forced to adopt measures aimed at tackling this menace of fake news. These platforms are our platforms. We cannot let traitors to take over our platforms. Let’s voice together and write more and more to reclaim what we deserve and truly own.