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Career: Believing the World of Engineers

Peer pressure and flowing with the stream are not uncommon for our society. The narrative of declining relevance of engineering education has been successful in impacting intake year after year as evident from AICTE’s numbers that show a staggering 49 per cent vacant seats in last academic year 2018-19.

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Super Mom of 60 Per Cent Average Boy

This is about a mother who cheered up her boy despite a performance that stands as below average as per the standards of Great Indian Boards battle. In general, non acceptance of anything less than ninety has gone against basic character and qualities of a growing up child.

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The Short Story of Workers' Evolution

In course of time, something happened, much changed— a disrupting crowd of workers dancing beneath red clouds began to ask tough questions and demand their rights. For workers, Marxism remains a living tradition to this date that rewards their labour due respect and importance in truer essence, for they deserve it.

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Summer, Results & Vacations: Keep It Together

A result should always remain a simple result, not to be pronounced or considered as a verdict on life. All results provide for a fresh chance to relook at things in a finer way, everything that becomes impossible makes room for something else to be possible.

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Exploring the Skills that Count

Soft skills are skills without certifications and beyond quantifications that include behavioural arrangements, organisational etiquettes, clarity of communication and personal initiations. Better soft skills play a major positive role in growth of people with average minds, for average is better when equipped with positive attitude.

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