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The Unstoppable Girls

Given the struggles of women over the years and a well-proven work efficiency in field, at least, we have two streams of thoughts at working avenues, classrooms, family dining and more such places as an outcome.

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Celebrate But Conserve

What on earth allows or authorize humans to celebrate festivities at the cost of life on planet? It cannot be a victory of right over wrong, when people choose to keep mum while there is an onslaught (of planet) in front of them.

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STEM: The Future Calling

Scientific temper holds answers for many day-to-day problems and more than those answers it about greater and greater inquisition, more and more whats and whys. Project based learning which demands knowledge and skill application is definitely going to dictate future for the society.

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Today, we have Malala Yousafzai, we have Greta Thunberg who have taken up the task on themselves but sure as what time demanded for, and there cannot be a denying to fact that technology played a key role in enabling them to do what they are doing.

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When Teachers turn Doctors

Mental health is often overlooked from early years at home and school. However, teachers have it in themselves for they can hear their students, be emphatic to how they feel and let them assure that it is fine to think, like and act their way, as they do, as they want to.

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