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Learn to Rock Board Exams

A study plan based on course-wise strong points and weak points will always be yielding efficient results. The learning, reading and thinking habits cultivated during exams period go on to decide the way future of society might look like— the quality of tomorrow’s academicians, doctors, engineers, lawyers and teachers and so on.

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Kite Flights That Bind Us

If Diwali is a festival of lights then flying kites are signature symbol of Makar Sakranti. In face of fatalities caused due to kite flying, it is important to understand that festivals are not about personal joy but collective joy for the society. It is high time we look for balances between our festivals and social responsibilities.

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Story and Human- "Made For Each Other"

All events, meetings, smiles, tears, and each human is a story in itself. The stories remain the same, the way they are told is changing that challenges traditional narrative conventions. New technologies help the listeners to experience the stories in multiple as well as effective ways.

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Be Kind, Be Happy in 'New Year'

Calendars don’t do tricks, in fact they never did, we can and we will do it. It will be for us to decide what the New Year brings to us. 1st January is the best day to learn how to invent ‘a new you’ and thus keep on creating more and more for complete year.

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The Holy Alliance of "3D Printing and Software"

Additive manufacturing is preferable over traditional form because of its cost effective and less time consuming nature. As the influence field of additive technology diverges to many mega industries, 3D prototyping has a lot to answer to questions of healthcare.

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