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Open Mics, Young Voices and Hindi

A language survives because of its writers and readers, essentially the lovers. It has to be a two way effort, for good literature produces more readers and better readership enables better literature to be produced.

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Teacher's Profession: Turning it on again

Societies thrive when this information translates into knowledge, a task primarily held upon by teachers. It has to be a quality act, for its highly important role in almost every action as well as output.

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National Sports Day: Girls Through All Barricades

Two women achieving big for nation speak well of effort and sweaty training sessions in a follow up to that feat, though it meant an unending admiration and love showered upon them by fans, civil society, government and nation as a whole but growing up for girls in a society like ours that obstructs their evolution in all possible- social and economic- ways would have never been easier.

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Schooling or Unschooling: Where to go?

Disillusionment with extant schooling system and better understanding of studies done in the west on the subject has started prompting Indian parents to think of alternatives that take care of actual learnings and pursuance of interests of their wards rather than just filling up projects files and models just for submissions ahead of some deadline.

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Learnings for Rakshabandhan from Independence Day

Time has everything in it to transform natural knowledge, as time passes by, the old wisdom may turn into stigma and yesterday's taboos might see themselves in today's mainstream.

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