Puducherry is a Union Territory of India formed out of four enclaves of former French India. It was established 7th Jan 1963 with the capital and largest city Pondicherry. Puducherry covers the territorial area 492 sq km. The Tamil name Puducherry which means "New Town". Formally known as Pondicherry, the territory changed its official name to Puducherry in 2006. State symbols of Puducherry: State Languages are Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and French, State Song is Invocation to Goddess Tamil, State Animal is Squirrel, State Bird is Koel, State Flower is Cannonball tree's flower, and State Tree Bael Fruit Tree. The official languages of Puducherry are Tamil.

Education Status

According to the Census 2011, Puducherry has a literacy rate of 86.55% (male literacy rate 91.12% and female literacy rate 81.22%).

In Puducherry there are several top standard schools, colleges and other academic institutions, computer-training institutes, industrial training institutes, polytechnic institutes and other technical training institutes. Government and private run hostels provide accommodations to local and outstation students. Student from all over the country specially goes for French language course.

Areas in Pondicherry